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Matthew John Mowat was born in Bletchley England in 1980 

From a young age Matt was used to being outside of his comfort zone, already a bit of an "oddball" in his Buckinghamshire public school.  When he was ten, his parents decided to up sticks and head to the depths of rural France in hopes of a life less hectic.  For Matt, this just meant a whole new set of challenges, which taught him priceless skills and life lessons along the way.

Matt was already extremely creative as a child, hours were spent building and dreaming up imaginary worlds. Whether he had an audience or not, whether it was in the tree house den or in the lego city, much to his brother's dismay, he was always the hero of each dramatic scenario.  Spurred on by his encouraging parents, that creativity is still alive and kicking, informing each role or project undertaken.  His passion for being part of a worthwhile story and being drawn to other "oddballs" has lead him to work along side several award winning directors and companies.

Before acting became numero uno, Matt worked in various industries, however working in luxury hotels was where most of his time was spent, having previously attended Hotel & Culinary Arts School in France.  Those different jobs helped develop his attention to detail and willingness to serve others.

Many comment that his flexibility, drive and empathy make him easy to work with.  Both on stage and 

screen Matt strives to bring truth and personality to the page all the while being very aware or his fellow actors, however his eagerness to please doesn't always serve him well!

Matt thrived during his studies at The American Academy Of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles, a school known for its quality of training.  Upon graduating he received the Micheal Thoma award and went on to play lead roles in seven of the 3rd year company productions. He has more recently studied with Jack Waltzer.

Recent work has had him playing Joseph in a local production of the famed musical, touring across Europe in a French production of Molière's The Miser and appearing in a national ad campaign for ITV's Celebrity Juice.  With a wide array of life experiences, Matt isn't fazed by the unusual. Playing Sharon Stone's husband in a big budget music video or being asked to be a city tramp in a gorilla indie short, it's all in a day's work.

Unable to fit in a box, he doesn't like to be defined, he prefers hummus to mayonnaise, Top Gear to X factor, and Skiing to Football.

Matt lives in London and enjoys spending time in France and the U.S. but as long as he's not too far from fine food or a nice car he'll be very agreeable.  Matt is currently represented by APM Associates. 

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"Matthew Mowat instills the easily-duped Gloucester with great nobility. His fate wandering about the wilderness comes across with real poignancy

    Greg JamesonEntertainment Focus, on King Lear.

"His sincerity and versatility as a performer make him a rare commodity in a town full of people trying to live the dream.

    Jessica Rieder, Writer & Director

"It is refreshing to know an actor like Matt who operates with sincere integrity, not only to his acting work, but also to the business, displaying loyalty, honesty and a genuine commitment to his craft."

    Adam Campbell, Actor, Epic Movie, Harper's Island

"Matt is a wonderful person with amazing talent and I very much hope we get to work together again in the future. His performance was very sincere and fit perfectly to the rest of the production."

    James Duke, Producer

"Matt is not only extremely talented, he has a solid work ethic and a natural stage presence."

    Betty Karlen, Director of the LA Academy Company

"Not only did Matt fully embody all the character traits required for the role  - innocence, charm, intensity, deep emotion, power, explosive rage - but he was a delight to work with.  He is an intelligent actor with a wonderful attitude and great work ethic."

    George Stratten, Director

"Mr Mowat was exceptional in imparting his knowledge of his craft to the students and enriching the experience. He is a singular talent and aided our production immensely."

    Steve De JarnattDirector


The Waiting Room won best dramatic short at the North Hollywood film festival.  

The Other Side came second in the short film competition Enter The Pitch

The Holiday Grudge  was finalist in the MTV Yahoo movie awards